Argan Shower Gel

Product Description

Enriched with 100% organic argan oil, this shower gel keeps your skin fresh and clean. It makes bathing delightful. Argan oil is rich in various vitamins such as E and F, minerals and fatty acids, including omega 3 and 6. These ingredients play an important role in rejuvenating the skin and keeping it healthy, soft and supple.

Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for both dry and oily skin, argan oil has a relaxing effect. Like all other Saramah products, this shower gel is free of parabens, paraffin, colorants and animal extracts.

To use: Squeeze a small amount to indulge in a moisture-rich lather.

Result: Leaves the skin feeling clean with a pleasant fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Argan Oil Benefits

Discover the benefits of Argan Oil.

Benefit your hair

Hair strengthening is by far one of the best known effects of argan oil. As a conditioner, it is also effective in taming the hair so that it no longer frizzes.

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Benefit your skin

The powerful moisturizing properties of argan oil and the presence of essential fatty acids (EFAs) keep skin soft and supple, even in cold and dry weather.

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